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Time to get some enthusiasm back!
Time to get some enthusiasm back!
(Rugby needs a boost)

So here we are. Another footy season starts just as the Black Craps are at the end of another pathetically dismal season. Somethings never change! 

Although one thing that all Kiwis are hoping for is not another choke at this years RWC. To choke at home would be even more humiliating! Surely not this time........

Anyway, before all that stuff happens, we have another "Super XX" series to go through. Will the Bulls be dominant again? Who actually won the Super 14 last year (I honestly cannot remember!?), will the Crusaders still be the most consistent NZ team? Will the Blues still be the biggest NZ underperformers? Or do the Hurricanes have that cross to bear?

And what of the Melbourne Rebels? Will they capitalise on the bad energy surrounding Rugby Leagues Melbourne Storm? Are there enough expat Kiwis, Saffers, NSW'ers, Qlders in Melbourne who prefer Union over League? Will Melbournians give a rats at all? Is there enough depth for the Aussies to have 5 teams? All serious questions that need to be answered.

I have a nasty feeling that the Super 15 is going to feel watered down this year.

Its also hard to gauge the enthusiam for footie at the mo living in Christchurch. After our earthquake & continued aftershocks, people's focus is most definitely elsewhere. Some people are obviously feeling high levels of stress. It might work positively in terms of attendances maybe as people seek a release? Hard to tell.

Given the dismal crowds the NPC draws, rugby feels like it needs a shot in the arm in NZ. It needs a boost.

For later on in the year, we have alot to look forward to!

Will this year be something the Aussies can grasp onto? At the mo they are crap at League, Cricket, Football - just about everything really. The Wallabies managed to end their international season on a high with that astonishing thrashing of the French.

The Saffers will probably be strong again in the Super 15, but the Boks are under a big cloud at the mo. That clown De Villiers still in charge. Who knows what Bok team will turn up.

The Poms are playing better rugby, so they are again a threat.

The French are as skitzo as ever. They'll still probably beat the AB's at the RWC though!

The Welsh still talk themselves up.

I'm really hoping this season rugby delivers something really special. My interest in the game has plummeted dramatically in the past few years. I cannot put my finger on it. Too much of it? Dunno. But I would like to recapture some of the passion I once had for it. Hopefully this season is the one!


Let us know what you think!

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The Blues are sh*te!

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