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Mainland Courage
Mainland Courage
(Heaven is being able to flush!)

´╗┐Its kinda an eerie article this.

Despite the Crusaders utterly amazing efforts in beating the Warratahs in Nelson, its hard for alot of Cantabs to be showing joy at such a result. It does not feel right to be happy.

When I saw the result, I was totally amazed, and felt great for a wee while. Then a cluster of aftershocks the next day brought it all back to reality.

A lot of Cantabs are finding it hard to be entertained. It just does not feel right.

The resilience and pride in this city & region (the whole Crusader region) was on show however with the Crusaders performance. It seems staggering now to think the game was a celebration/remembrance of the 29 miners who lost their lives in the Pike Mine Disaster last November.

A wonderful tribute being the Crusaders wearing the West Coast rugby colours. Even going through with this tribute after the disaster of Feb 22nd is a remarkable thing.

Its not hard to imagine how the players & management must have felt in the lead up to this game. We all feel the same. However the weight of expectation todo something positive for the region must have been numbing. The fact they did it is extraordinary.

Rugby is not a priority for this city at the moment. Its being able to flush your own toilet, have a shower, rebuild shattered lives & houses. Confidence is low, however courage is high.

I think the Crusaders will be going through the same ebb & flows that everybody is going through. It was actually good to hear Robbie Fruen say he's instincts where to run away from the city, like many have for refuge after the daily aftershocks & mounting tension, anxiety & pressure. He didn't though, as he thought he'd already been through the worst, and others needed the flights more than him. Refreshingly honest.

Also the look on Todd Blackadder's face after the game showed relief, pride, sadness. All similar emotions to the people of Christchurch.

These Crusaders are Cantabrians. They are us.


Let us know what you think!

Don't know whether to shake my fist at the ground gods, or hurl expletives at the sky to that other "god"

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