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Friendless Nags kicked Red
Friendless Nags kicked Red
(Stop bitching about the points scoring system)

Well the old bullshit on the points scoring system has arisen after the Nags who scored 4 tries lost to the Reds who only scored one try.  Cooper kicked 9 out of a possible 11 shots at goal (7/9 penalties and one conversion and one drop goal) for a personal tally of 26 points.   Now as this is a famous victory for the Reds who have never won in Canberra you could probably understand my anger at hearing this sort of bullshit.

Here is the simply thing that the Nags supporters just don’t seem to get.  If your team is a pack of morons who keep insisting to sack coaches, effectively only want an interbred culture of former players for coaches (keep those ideas fresh), keep trying to illegally steal the ball, try to slow down the pill and are basically leading the running for the most penalised team after 3 rounds (penalties awarded: Week 1 = 11, Week 2 = 10, Week 3 = 12) you have got to expect grief.  Heaven forbid it’s the players and culture they have built that is wrong and not the scoring system.

The notion of changing the points system yet again just so this sort of thing doesn’t happen is going to work only and only if they hand out cards with gay abandon.  If I know that a penalty is worth an increasingly smaller fraction of a try, why wouldn’t I deliberately try to stop attacking play close to the line?  Say a penalty is worth 2 points and a converted try is still worth 7 (5 2).  That’s effectively 4 tries I could deliberately stop before the side scores 8 points (don’t forget the kicker doesn’t always nail the kick). 

How about this then Brumbies supporters, for every 5 penalties a side gets that a player has to spend 10 minutes in the bin? So far each week the Brumbies would have 2 blokes cooling their heels on the side line.  Or how about if there are 3 or more penalties within the 22 in the space of one attacking move it’s automatically penalty try.   

Let’s not change to these tactics, keep the scoring system the way it is and simply accept that the Nags suck.


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You won't get any argument from me on that, the Nags suck.

I like your idea of sending a player off when there is repeat infringing too, but maybe in the case of the Brumbies we should just have the offender put down, it's more humane, for everyone.

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