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Brumbies are a shadow of their former selves
Brumbies are a shadow of their former selves
(Too much player power)

So they dump their coach (again).

Then a Crusader team, alot of whom probably can't even do a poo at home without digging a hole, go up to Nelson, & thrash the Brumbies by 50 points. I know in adversity it sometimes brings out the best in people. But having to dig a hole todo a shit is about as adverse as you can get. 

I think perhaps the Brumbie players should be giving themselves an uppercut.

A coach can only do so much. I think we see this alot in modern proffessional sports. If you've reached a professional level in any sport, you have to have the basics ingrained. Catching a ball, running, tackling. Physically you are doing all the same things that other teams do. Its the mental side where the background staff like coaches, trainers etc come in. Helping you get your head in the right space to play consistently, win more than you lose, to make finals series & get success. The key there is "help". Alot of all this comes from the player themselves. They have to want it.

Sometimes with the Brumbies, you feel the players are not facing up to that responsiblilty. Its always someone elses fault we aren't performing.

Well I'm afraid some people should wake up!

If you want a good example of an underperforming team suddenly shifting their mental focus, its the Highlanders. Jamie Joseph is a fairly ordinary coach, as his record with Wellington shows. He is not a "super-coach". However the players feel as though they are finally taking responsibility for the onfield performances, and the results are starting to come.

Go the Highlanders!!!!!

As for the Brumbies, well, there will be some former players who are shaking their collective heads right now. Although perhaps they shouldn't shake to much, given they ditched David Nucifora in similiar circumstances. That was the last time the Brumbies won the Super finals with Nucifora in charge. Hmmmmmm.


Let us know what you think!

Gross. Talking positively about those Otago hillbillies. I hate you DH

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