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Intergenerational benefits of hybrid vigour
Intergenerational benefits of hybrid vigour
(Note to Aussie media hacks take your hands off your imagination)

You have got to love the Aussie overhype of the recent 20 minute cameo of a certain Reds player Mike Harris during the demolition of the Rebels.  Two tries after touching the ball three times and then setting up another has got the media frothing at both the mouth and loins as his grandmother was Australian.  There are two main things I want to get across here. 

Firstly a single, I repeat single, demolition job on the back end of game against a side that does not tackle, although impressive is not something to base an entire international side on.  Can the hacks here please take a deep breath, take their hands off their imagination, and let’s give the kid some breathing space and see if he can perform in I don’t know at least two cameo games, or how about playing an entire game against a side like the Crusaders before we suddenly drape him in national colours as the new messiah.  Yes the kid obviously has talent but for #### sake.  Some over here are as excited as a cashed up sailor on shore leave in a red light district. I really hope Harris is the real deal as depth in the Reds is greatly needed.

Secondly here is an important lesson for those wishing their offspring to do well in the international rugby arena.  Make sure that you keep the future glint in your eyes opportunities as open as possible. So when choosing your significant other, make sure they have or had relatives from another rugby playing country.   If not just make up a story about grandparents dalliances. So if they struggle in one country you can always ship them to the other.

I would hate to think the number of Aussie players that have international roots. 


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Mike Harris?!? Who the pucks Mike Harris?

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