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The Ugly Aussie Band Wagon Supporter
The Ugly Aussie Band Wagon Supporter
(Bloody blow fly supporters)

Damn I hate writing this but I cannot help it.  I should be celebrating the fact that the QLD has strung together two radically improved seasons after the years of garbage and heartbreak they have dished up that I have kept swallowing as a supporter.  No matter how disappointed, frustrated and fed up with their efforts, every year I still dragged my sorry carcass to a couple of games and made sure that I watched every game. At the start of every season I climbed back on the supporters horse and believed that all would be well (notable exception was Chucky’s reign I knew it was going to be shit but I still supported them) only to be kicked in the nuts as I watched a series of disastrous coaches dismantle another season and bleed quality players out of the side. But part of me is cringing with how well QLD is now doing.  The bandwagon blowflies have turned up in droves.

The radically improved performance has been garnished with a multitude of styles of game play.  They can either turn on Australia most dynamic, creative and entertaining style of play or they can grind out the win with some sensational positional play, defence and forward muscle (Stormers game).  This ability has lead to on-field success that well let’s face it, despite how well knuckles used to coach, the team has never looked that good before.   This has got the crowd in, the presold ticket supporter base has passed 15,000 and people are wearing Reds jumpers and merchandise proudly. Years ago you only wore the gear at home or faced certain ridicule (like in Christchurch where despite QLD losing they still try to run you over in cars).

But there is a certain element, not all, within these new supporters, for lack of a better term, are shitting me.   The arrogance of some fair weather supporters is simply disgusting.  Suddenly on all sorts of comments are flying around in public and on rugby boards that highlight this.  The gilded edged season has some believing that the Reds are supermen and cannot be stopped, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Some comments are already flying around that beating the Blues this weekend and winning the comp is a foregone conclusion.  While the attitude they have to anyone that disagrees with them is unbelievable. 

No doubt they will be around as long as QLD do well.  When the Reds slide again they will be gone no doubt laughing at supporters that stick around.   Damn what a f##king tragedy.  Either I’m embarrassed by the attitude or have a crap rugby team.  I think I’ll just have to put up with the attitude then.   So to all you out there that have experienced a blowfly supporter I apologise for the idiots but hell it’s good to have a rugby side again.


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Crusaders fans have the same issues, although it's been a few years since we have had a poor run. And sorry about trying to run you down in Christchurch way back when, you were just a big maroon target...

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