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Nags Temper tantrum destroys the Reds crèche
Nags Temper tantrum destroys the Reds crèche
(Glue factory produces red faces)

Reds (14) defeated by Glue Factory (22)

Damn but excuse me where the #### did that come from. After playing like s##t all year the Brumbies actually fronted up for a game unleashed a temper tantrum and tore the Reds a new one while at the same time smashing half of Links back line toys while visiting the Reds crèche.

Damn but after getting through the season relatively injury free the Nags game not only exposed the major injury (Robinson) going into the game but broke at least three backline players Digby Ioane, Anthony Faingaa &  Ben Lucas with the latter two needing repairs until the tri nations. Ita Vaea rough play means that he has been banned from visiting the Rebels next week after breaking Ioane.

I would like to think that the result was a blemish on the season but unfortunately it has shown what must be done to deny the Reds the chance of lifting the cup.  If you can deny the Reds quick clean ball they get stuck.  Cooper likes receiving the ball while running forward not while back peddling. Rea’s own spat at his players looks to have finally worked and finally woken up his players.   While it looks as though the glue factories temper tantrum was not only unleashed against Links toys but between the visitors as well when Giteau and Moore exchanged words.

Ben Coridas had a good game playing at 7 for the Reds but he plays a different game to Robinson.  It was rather the Reds looked tired or where simply not ready for the game.  The Brumbies took full advantage and the funniest think is the temper tantrum some of the blow flies are having over Giteau taking that kick to deny the Reds a point.  In a nut shell when the pressure is on you make it lethal.  Get over it.

I know Davies is due back soon, Harris (at least one more week) and I have no idea if Hynes is playing this year.  It looks as though Chambers will have to front up and Link will be rummaging around in the wider toy squad to cover for those ones broken by the nags to patch a couple of holes against the Force next weekend.

By the way who did the Force beat last week?  I have no idea who the lime green side is.  Surely it couldn’t have been a kiwi side as we are only schoolboys on this side of the ditch.


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Life in the old "Glue-Factory" yet eh? Against their own countrymen at least! As for the green Highlanders, that is some designer's misguided madness, hideous!

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