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Reds lock down a semi-final & I'll be in Melbourne
Reds lock down a semi-final & I'll be in Melbourne

One year I have got to check the rugby calendar more carefully.  After the Reds made there own luck against the Force I was getting ready to organise tickets with some mates for the semi-final, when I was 'gently' reminded that I'm expected to be in Melbourne in 3 weeks time.   Excuse me but ####. 

Yes once again I have made the mistake of not checking the rugby calendar before organising my life.  This is not the first time nor will it be the last.  I think the first time was when I got married and missed the Reds v Blues.  The things you do.  I was more annoyed when a mate got married during the QLD v NSW match.  To be honest I ended up in the bar beside the reception venue watching the game with the brides father.  As I put it to my wife there was no way I was going to get in to the same level of trouble as the brides father.  Damn good game too.  You just had to go back into the other room to get a drink.  At least I didn't drag the groom back into watch the game.

Anyway back to the very quick game review.  The Reds were outplayed for long periods of that game and the Force were once again beaten by fact that the Reds made their own luck. You can not win this comp without the ability to create luck in this game and the intercept try by Cooper and against the feed Gill kicked the ball through the scrum for Higginbotham to run untouched over the white stuff were the two key examples.

The ability to steal a lineout and then score a try in the corner in the heatbreak minutes was simply classic skills.  That's twice this season that the Reds have snatched a victory out of the jaws of defeat against the Force and I reckon its payback for the Force after pillaging 11 players out of the Reds playing stocks when they started. 

Anyway, the Reds now have the Chiefs to defeat this weekend to lock down the top spot.  If they get that and win the semi, I'll get to see the grand final.  Yes I have now checked the social calendar.


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i don't know what you are complaining about Geeves, at least it's not a bunch of RWC games that you had tickets being moved to Auckland because of a raft of earthquakes! Aaaaargh indeed!

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