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A quick analysis of the Crusaders draw
A quick analysis of the Crusaders draw
(the schedule Gods have been kind...)
Sometimes you look at something, and you just don't see it.

Well I got a bit carried away, and applied a highlighter to my copy of the Super 12 Draw, and I found it to be very interesting.

No surprise that the Crusaders play half of their games away. But it is nice to see that once again, a Home game is being played in Nelson. This year it's against the Stormers.

The Nelson Bays people have always supported the Boys well, and it's good to see the Franchise continuing to reward them!

There are three really good things about this draw. The first is that our Bye is in Week Two!

Thank goodness for that. The Crusaders are not good at revving up after the Bye, so best to get it over and done with. The way that they usually slow down mid season, they don't need a later Bye to make it worse.

More importantly, you may think, who do we play after the Bye? Well... its a Home game. And... its against the Blues. Sweet!

If the Boys can't lift themselves up for that game, I will eat my legs off! I'm still enjoying the memories of the win against Auckland in the 1999 NPC. Got to stay on that roll Boys!!

So that's the Bye and the After Bye Game out of the way. What else is there of note? Nothing much really... except that the last three games of the season at Home!

Ah yes! That will do nicely, thank you !-)


Let us know what you think!

I agree SG that draw does look ok for the boys, but I wouldn't be putting those legs of yours on the line just yet!
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