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Sorry BT I didn’t listen
Sorry BT I didn’t listen
(It's been a while)

[url=http://www.planetnz.com/rugbyheads/article?articleid=721]As BT has said: “Harden up man! Rugby should always be first priority, family, food and work are optional.”[/url]

It’s been a hell month with work commitments that have stuffed up my ability to celebrate arguably the best rugby news since the Wallabies won Bill for the second time.  Yes ladies and gentlemen QLD are the Super 15 champions.  That’s right the QLD stamp has been engraved on that brand new shiny trophy that no other side has held aloft. 

That’s right I disown the past and can categorically state that QLD are the best side that has ever been in the Super 15. 

It was a battle to get a ticket to the grand final at Lang Park and it was an immense game.  The game ebbed and flowed alternating between: missed opportunities (i.e. Thorn), sloping handling, shocking calls from the ref (i.e. Simmons’s disallowed try and the lack of advantage), to moments of sublime interplay, individual brilliance (Carter’s and Genia’s tries), bone smashing defence, heart wrenching fear to ecstatic celebrations. 

It was one hell of a game for the Reds supporters old and new alike. When Ioane crossed for his try I, in all honesty, nearly passed out from expelling all the air in my lungs in a jubilant celebration bellow.  Damn but did the single square bear help soothe the throat during the game.  Yes that right the work commitments had me down to a single drink at the game. I’m sorry but that’s just not right.

To be honest there was absolutely nothing in the game except for two small things.  The number of times the red and black attack assaulted the Red line only to be repulsed wasn’t only draining for the players.  But each time the attack was repulsed the confidence grew.  This is what has got to be scaring the hell out of the kiwi’s as we enter yet another RWC year, there is a group of Aussie players that have found the two critical ingredients that has been missing since the last time they held aloft Bill, confidence and self-belief.   The confidence and self-belief enables players to create opportunities.  This feeds on itself and the QLD players know that they have the ability to win the game in the last play of the game.

The lack of these two key ingredients in the wantabee wallaby players were critically and clinically exposed by the Samoan side that spanked them.  But damn did the side respond when the Reds players left the bench.  Genia took control of the side by the scruff of the neck and lead while Higgenbotham created one try and nearly created a second.

So when the Wallabies took the field against the mock Boks did they let rip.  So just one hint to Robbie Dingo Deans as we head into battle against the ABs when in doubt pick Red.

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