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A Hint for Dingo
A Hint for Dingo
(Well done to the Irish)

Well last week I was on holidays and as the wife has uttered my 3 most feared words “I’ve been thinking...” I have spent the week tiling. 

This has pretty well left me knackered and consequently failing to produce e-waste.  So like any job the hard bit is the prep work.  For me it involved removing tiles from a concrete floor.  So the first few tiles were really easy, they came away with a screwdriver.  Then things started getting harder and out came the hammer to provide a bit more grunt. 

This only lasted a little while before I had to resort to a stone mason chisel to smash my way through more tiles.  As of course I now have pathetically soft computer user hands the constant jarring left them in pain and the job slowed down.  Then #### it I said and hired a jackhammer to finish the job.  The jackhammer splintered the resistance and finished the job.

So hint for you Dingo when the Wallabies are getting smashed left, right and sundry around the park especially at the breakdown (for example by the Irish) do something.  When there is resistance and the side on the park is not performing send in the reserves.  Don’t leave the reserves on the bench until there is 5 minutes to go.  Get them on a hell of a lot earlier as sure as shit otherwise just like my hands it’s going to hurt. 

Well done to the Irish side and their fans.  It was a sensational demolition job.


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You should have left it for a couple weeks Geeves. Samo and his mates should be free to help with the renovations, they won't have much else to do... (and they could use Quade Cooper as the jackhammer)

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