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Ronald McDonald does some marketing
Ronald McDonald does some marketing
(untargeted marketing)
Welcome to the new year of Super 12.

We all know that Super 12 is an expensive exercise, and the most common way of paying for it, is not bums on seats, it is endorsements.

It's indirect taxation. We pay for the Super 12 by purchasing the sponsors' products. They have already paid mega-bucks, and will continue to pay royalties to Super 12 Corp. (TM) throughout the season.

You may have noticed that there is no shortage of musicians waiting to jump on this marketing band-wagon. However not all sponsors are created equal, and the point (there is one!) for this series of articles is to hold up the "wannabes" to the ridicule that they justly deserve.

So you see that it is pretty "business as usual" at RugbyHeads, this year!

1st Sponsorship Lemon of 2000: The Massive McMuffin(TM) (Disclaimer - We have no money, so don't even think about suing!)

Hardly surprising that the "Restaurant of the Super 12" is getting its McTeeth into the market, but I have to wonder at their choose of product. They sell the thing as something to put into your "big mouth", when you aren't telling the world, or at least the rugby playing part of it, that your team is the "Bestest" ever!

While we at RugbyHeads would be loathe to say that being parochial is a bad thing, we would question the wisdom of (a) Speaking with your mouth full... and more to the point (b) full of this wonderful product.

Lets look at the Massive McThingy, or McWeight Watchers(TM) Nightmare, as I like to think of it. This is truly a healthy product !-)

Two sausage patties, cheese (any dairy products here?), wholesome bacon, and two muffins to soak it all up with. Lets not talk food pyramids!

A steady diet of these could build you into a "prop" who would be too big to play for the Pumas!

But enough of that, lets face facts. One doesn't go to the Golden Arches for a health kick. I admit that the McFatty would probably be quite yummy when you wanted something like that.

And that is the most damming point really, when do you want to eat this thing? Well it better be sometime after 6 am and before 10:30 am or you are out of luck! Yes this is a breakfast menu item!

Lets see, when are the Super 12 games played?

New Zealand 2 pm, or 7:30 pm, replays as late as 10 pm.
Australia 5pm, or 10:30pm
South Africa 2am, or 7:30am, replays the next evening.

So when are you likely to actually see an McD's ad for McThingys and rush out and get yourself one. Never after a live game, and not often after a televised one!

So the level of appropriateness as a Super 12 sponsorship product is: 1 (out of 10).

There is actually one time when you are likely to purchase one. That is the morning after your "big mouth" has passed too many soothing ales, and you really badly need something stodgy to fill the void and soak up some of the ethanoic acid!

At that time, McD's will be onto a winner!


Let us know what you think!

You know I reckon Ronald McDonald would get a starting stop on some of those South African teams, he's certainly better looking that most of them!
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