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Once more into the draw - the Sharks
Once more into the draw - the Sharks
(The Sharks are missing their home pond...)
I'm sure that you would all find it very exciting, but I am not going to review the draw for every team.

I would just like to send my commiserations to the Sharks team and supporters. You will both have to be very tough!

It's almost unbelievable that the first home game for the Sharks is in Week 7!

Already they are 0 for 2 with their visits to Wellington and Dunedin. Before them they have Canberra, Sydney, a bye - that should allow them to reacquaint themselves with their families (Who are you again?) - then a game in Pretoria just to rub it in!

Then they get their "reward", six straight games in Durban!

I hope that the Sharks get a couple of away wins, otherwise their cause will look a bit hopeless. It's all very well having the long run of home games, but you need to build support from the start of the season if you want to maintain it.

But this may just be an amazing marketing coup - Distance makes the Ticket Sales grow stronger?!

How devoted are the fans are in Durban? I know you guys are South African so you must take it fairly seriously. Still, it's a bit tough to have to put up with six straight away games. Especially with Sky commentators - if our ones are anything to go by!

The only advice I can give you is to do what we Red and Black supporters do. Hang tough, and support the team when you get the chance!

Meantime though, be sure and use the Rugbyheads bleeding hearts service - also know as the Discussion Board.


Let us know what you think!

The Goldfish really do have it tough, although they will surely pick up some wins on their Australian visit, those Aussie teams are all talk!
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