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Super 12 round 3 : Fitzy's View
Super 12 round 3 : Fitzy's View
(The Auckland perspective...)

Wanta be Crusaders vs The Sheffield Blues

Friday nite,the clash we have all been waiting for,and i fancy the Blues chances.

I think there will be a few sweaty palms in Jade stadium,not just from the constant dribble we hear from their supporters either!

Robin Brooke and Craig Innes are back for the Blues and I expect it to be 1-12 point margin in a comfortable win for the Boys.

Scarfies vs Canes

Saturday nites game will be another thriller from"The house of pain". More disprins please.

Jonah is out,as is Ellis.

A high scoring game favouring the Highlanders,that would be the call,but the Hurricanes are on a roll.

A draw is my pick.

Nsw Waddalaughs vs Golden Pussies

Over the Tasman,the Nsw Waddalaughs play the Golden Pussies. (Now Barge,these titles are not mine,refer Rugbyheads league table.)

I expect Mains Pussies to get softened up good and proper for their games over here. I forsee a trip to the vet for Laurie(lorry) after a 13+ point defeat.


Let us know what you think!

Ah Fitzy, if you think wheeling two old geriatrics back into the starting 15 is going to save the Blues you are sadly delusioned, must be that Lion Red talking again...
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