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Welcome to PalmHeads

Welcome to the new PalmHeads! Here you will find all kinds of cool stuff related to the PalmPilot electronic organiser. We are nerds and proud of it! We are based in Christchurch New Zealand. If you like this site and are a fan of Rugby Union, come visit our sister site RugbyHeads

This site was set up for three reasons.

  1. Provide a resource for users of the Palm that people living in or visiting our country would find useful. Actually first and foremost its stuff WE find useful as well.
  2. To provide links to mainly freeware software that people may find useful. We say freeware software because so many times we've bought software we thought would be useful...only to find out that it wasn't.
  3. A resource for Linux users who want to know what Palm related software is out there for them. In particular Ubuntu Linux is catered for.

Its the information YOU want set out in the easiest way possible.

Like most Palm users, we are passionate and one-eyed about our wee electronic gadgets. The way it reminds you to do things, like many have said, "It's like being married without the sex!". Although apparently someone is working on a plug-in to fix that.........yuk!

I also sometimes have something interesting to say on my PalmHeads Blog! By sometimes I actually mean very rarely, but at least its better than my other hobby of doing amusing farts.

We hope you enjoy you're visit!

The PalmHeads!

ps - If your interested in cricket, check out my article on the Iverson-Gleeson bent middle finger grip. Its not as sick as it sounds! ... also check out my Spin Bowling Swicki for more information related to spin bowling!

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