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Portal Page

Portals to choose from

Tick the city box below that will list a selection of sites that can be synched to your handheld device. Once you have chosen your city click the Send button below.

Choose a City

Here is the latest Plucker format Palm .PDB file to download for the Christchurch Portal above.

Christchurch Address/Map Search

Just enter in a persons/businesses name (choose the right directory to search, you've only got a choice of two now!) in the text box below, and it'll find the appropriate Christchurch address. From there you can choose to goto the appropriate map!

Or if you already know the right address, just go straight to the map search below!

I use these searches extensively with my Palm Tungsten W .

Christchurch Address Search
Person/Companies Name 
Search should be "Bloggs J" or "Bloggs" etc
Christchurch Map Search
Street Name 
Don't put "Street" or "Road" etc in search. Just name.

PalmHeads recommend these free tools!

Plucker - A simply brilliant open source off-line web browser for the Palm. Its also a great e-book reader (in fact its my e-book reader of choice now instead of CSpotRun/Weasel Reader), and I even use it as a photo album viewer!!! Next to DateBk5, it is the BEST PalmOS app I've seen. Recently has been updated with all sorts of hi-res niceities. I love it!

Sitescooper - This brilliant perl script allows you to scoop websites to a required depth and outputs the content to a required format, be it Plucker, Palm DOC, even HTML! Great for producing Palm readable sites. The Portal Page on PalmHeads relies on it for content.
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