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HTML & the Palm

Using free tools! This page has been created on the Palm and uploaded to it also from the Palm. The only editing on the PC that has been done to it is adding hyperlinks to the the appropriate URL's. This was done after I uploaded this page however. I could have added hyperlinks on the Palm if I knew beforehand the appropriate URL's. On PalmHeads I use PHP templates, so the stuff I'm uploading is what I call "content". The headers and footers of this page are automatically generated by the templates. You can use other techniques such as ColdFusion or ASP to achieve similiar results.

PalmHeads recommend these free tools!

LFtp - A great FTP tool! Makes it possible to update websites straight from your handheld.
LGet - The best HTTP downloader for the Palm. Converts pages to standard Palm DOC format on the fly
tejpWriter - With SiEd development seemingly stopped, am now using tejpWriter. Lots of cool wee features here, especially in terms of html coding. Well worth a look!

Of course you will also need a PalmModem and perhaps a GoType keyboard. I use my Palm Tungsten W which is also a GSM Phone.

To "publish" html content to a webserver

  1. Like I have here, create your content in tejpWriter . Put in all the appropriate html tags.
  2. Give the DOC file a name, giving the html/server side scripting extension. In this case its "palmHTML_content.php"
  3. Connect to the net with your Palm, open up LFtp , change to the appropriate directory on your webserver, then type at the command line something like this:
  4. pub palmHTML_content.php

  5. You have just published your first html content created on the Palm!

To download web content to your Palm

  1. Log-on to the net using your Palm.
  2. Open up LGet & you enter in the URL you wish to download. LGet produces the DOC file for you automatically.
  3. Edit away in a DOC editor and publish back to the webserver using LFtp

Surprisingly neat, cheap, and simple!

This content just added using tools above!

This page will only ever be updated using the tools mentioned above on the Palm!

Take my word for this, I have just added this content using LGet to download, tejpWriter to edit, then LFtp to put back on my webserver!

Try it yourself! The Palm is a great tool for managing web content remotely. A big thanks to all the developers who have made this possible. This is especially so with my Palm Tungsten W with its internet/GSM phone capabilities, and my Palm Tungsten T2 connected via bluetooth to my Sony Ericsson T610 phone.

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